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Welcome to our GitHub Page

I found this nifty little page set-up and thought it would probably be easier for people unfamiliar with GitHub to download the full collection of protocols if needed. The protocols branch repository can be downloaded easily with either of the Download links to the right. If you prefer to grab the documents yourself out of the repository, there is a link for that just above. The README file in the master branch is given below.

Introduction to the Master Laboratory Repository

I have begun adding some files here to a repository for the laboratory. I think in the long run it may be easier to have all of it here on github than on a separate blog only. This way we can create branches that represent different projects. I would think people could then just clone out the parts that they need. We'll see how this goes. It might have been wiser to create different repositories for different projects, but I think for now deadend branches that are never merged may work OK.


These can be checked out individually, so we may just keep most of the separate projects as branches to make cloning cleaner. Maybe that is not necessary. For now we have the following branches:

1. protocols
 This branch contains our most active and up-to-date protocols.
2. lsrii
This contains references for running flow and optimizing the LSR II cytometer at the core.
3. facscan
This contains mostly historical references for panels and running the the modified, five-color, 
FACScan cytometer.
4. gh-pages
Contains the Pages information (i.e., this page and related material)